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We offer bespoke events to local charities to help promote social interaction for the people with whom they work. 

Based in a private woodland setting, the occasions are prepared to have a community feel, with a focus on integration. After discussions, we provide a non-competitive itinerary with activities designed to engage and stimulate communication within the group. We structure the activities on a fluid basis, allowing people to select those they are drawn to, giving more of a tribal feel than one of a classroom. 

We can also work with charity therapists to help deal with specific needs. 

Depending on the size and purpose of the
 event, we offer the events for free, or if not, at-cost.

We aim to develop further contacts with new charities, for people all ages and backgrounds, so please get in touch with Francis to discuss whether we might be able to provide an event for you.


Oasis was founded in 1997 to provide treatment and support to women in Brighton and Hove with drug and alcohol problems. Its aim was to provide a service that could accommodate the specific challenges that women with substance misuse face, especially around stigma of being a mother, domestic violence, and removal of children. It remains one of the very few services to offer specialist support to women. Since 2005, they have been offering specialist therapeutic services for children and young people affected by substance misuse in their family.

‘This year we were delighted to partner with Wild Weald to allow our young people to have the chance to learn some outdoor skills in their wonderful ancient wood.’

Janet Butterworth, Young Persons Therapist

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