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Cheesemaking, Cheese Tastings, Cider and Other Fermentations

The Wild Cheesemaking Challenge comprises a set of fun activities that impart methods of creating fresh cheese and other fermented produce in a natural setting.

The activities are hands-on from the start. Guests begin by heating locally-sourced milk over woodland fires. Whilst the milk heats, guests are given a light-hearted introduction to British cheesemaking culture and the process of cheesemaking, by Francis, author of Gimblett's Guide to the Best of British Cheeses.

Guests then continue the transformation from milk to cheese by adding rennet and cutting the curd. After the activity, guests taste a range of the Weald's finest cheeses, the challenge being to identify milk types, production methods and ages, all of which become apparent with the challenge formula - no prior knowledge needed.

Once the curd is moulded and draining, Pam introduces the group to other principles of fermenting, from cider to vegetables.

The finished cheeses are weighed tasted, and presented for judging.

Duration: Approx. 3 Hours. All challenges can be paired with others for a full day.

Supplementary activities for your group: Fire by Friction, Deer Tracking, Storytelling, Foraging, Cordage, Mud Pugging (an ancient Sussex clay-target game).

Event Partner: This event was inspired by Pam and Francis' time as cheesemakers in Haslemere.

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