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Clay Sourcing, Preparation, Moulding, Drying and Firing

In this fun challenge guests transform foraged earth into a finished miniature dolia (Roman fermentation vessel), or pot of choice, within the time frame given.

Guests first forage for their clay from one of a number of selected sites within the woods. Then, they assemble their pieces and bring them to completion, before they are dried and then fired in our mini-kilns. Whilst drying takes place, guests mix natural colour slips with which to decorate their pots.

The event takes inspiration from the area's Roman history of brick and pottery making.

on: Approx. 3 Hours. All challenges can be paired with others for a full day.

Supplementary activities for your group: Fire by Friction, Deer Tracking, Storytelling, Foraging, Mud Pugging (an ancient Sussex clay-target game)

Event Partner: Developed with the assistance of Boship Green Pottery.

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