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Reeds - Wild Weald


Basketry, Cordage & Wattle Creation

Here artistry is channelled into pursuits of a practical nature, as would have been the case in the woodland setting.

Finding the resource is the primary challenge. In a fun woodland hunt, guests first need to follow nature’s clues to locate and prepare the materials to produce their works. Then, following guidance from the experts, they assemble their pieces and bring them to completion, whether weaving a willow basket, preparing lengths of rope cordage or building a wattle fence.

With each activity we work with local weavers and bodgers (green woodworkers) who help bring their craft to life with character and anecdotes.

Your event takes place in a leafy glade, beside a brook, possibly surrounded by anemone or bluebells, season-dependent.

on: Approx. 3 Hours. All challenges can be paired with others for a full day.

Supplementary activities for your group: Fire by Friction, Deer Tracking, Storytelling, Foraging, Mud Pugging (an ancient Sussex clay-target game)

Event Partner: 
Developed with the assistance of members of the Association of Pole Lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers

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