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Our mission is to share the simplicity, fulfilment and enjoyment of traditional woodland pursuits, encouraging more meaningful and deeper connections within corporate communities.

Wild Weald Stool Making
Wild Cheesemaking - Wild Weald

Wild Weald's events are a bespoke blend of social interaction and purposeful activity, designed to promote social connection between colleagues, or with clients or company stakeholders. 


Each event is structured and hosted by Francis Gimblett, drawing on 26 years' experience at our sister company, Taste of the Vine, and co-hosted with Wealden artisans using skills they are keen to pass on.

ESG & Corporate Social Responsibility: Through our woodland management plan, the activities are structured to pass on awareness of sustainability, assist the restoration of habitat, increase biodiversity and promote carbon capture.


For each corporate event we run, we offer a free or at-cost event to local charity. See charities for more.



The events are run within our eighty-five acres of ancient woodland near Hellingly in Sussex, as well as at two leading Wealden hotels. See Locations for more. We also run Wealden tasting events countrywide, in conjunction with our sister company, Taste of the Vine. See Wild Weald Tasting Masterclass and Challenge for more.


The core team is comprised of Francis, Pam, Phil and Keith, assisted by leading Wealden artists, ceramicists, chefs, blacksmiths, musicians and other creative partners.

Francis Gimblett - Wild Weald

Francis Gimblett structures and hosts each event, lacing it with interactivity, humour and narrative. Career: winemaking, cheesemaking, writer, owner & presenter at Taste of the Vine.

Pam Gimblett - Wild Weald
Phil Brooke - Wild Weald

Pam Gimblett is in charge of logistics, ensuring a harmonious event to exceed expectations. Career: logistics, cheesemaking, owner & event manager at Taste of the Vine.

Phil Brooke is our head woodcraft host, bringing the environment to life with passion and humour. Career: ethnobotanist, survival specialist, traditional bowyer, professional speaker.

Keith Pettit - Wild Weald

Keith Pettit is one of Sussex' most successful artists. He excels in many disciplines including sculpture, wood engraving and painting, and easily presents these skills to novice or expert.

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